Integrated Drive Systems

Maximising performance and efficiency in an optimised integrated motor and inverter package.

The integration of electric drive system elements - primarily motors and inverters, often enables enhanced product attributes with reduced system-level costs, while simplifying engineering and supply arrangements.

Our origins are in powertrain consultation and we have used our knowledge and experience in mechanical and controls integration to fully realise these benefits in many applications. These range from the integrated motors and inverters and/or transmissions, to coupling with IC engines or high-speed turbomachinery.

Manufacturers of passenger cars, small commercial vehicles and motorcycles are increasingly attracted to fully integrated electric drive units (EDU). These all-in-one electric propulsion systems combine transmissions (single or multi-speed), electric motors and inverter technology, all optimised for high efficiency and volume manufacture.

Working with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, Helix is able to integrate its market leading electric motors and inverters with third-party transmissions of various configurations and ratios while incorporating other system elements, including oil pumps or electronically controlled park-lock brakes. The results are compact, lightweight, highly efficient integrated systems for a range of applications ranging from hybrid I/C augmentation to fully torque-vectored hypercars.

Furthermore, all our EDUs follow the philosophy applied to our motors and inverters – they are specifically designed to be class leading in power and torque density.

Key features

  • Compact design and easy to install
  • Lightweight and highest power-to weight ratio
  • Proven electric motor and inverter technology
  • Integrated common cooling system with advanced thermal management
  • Flexible manufacturing concept
  • Optimised inverter software and safety features
  • Single- or multi-speed transmission options
  • Water/glycol cooled as standard, reducing on-board cooling complexities
  • High efficiency, >98% for reduced energy storage requirements
  • Scalability up to more than 1,000kW delivers optimised performance across a broad spectrum of applications

Our integrated drive units

All-Electric Motorsport Unit

Based on Integral e-Drive’s SPX130 platform of electric motors and highperformance silicon carbide (SiC) inverters, this all-electric motorsport electric propulsion system is optimised for peak performance under extreme acceleration, featuring an extremely high power rating, lightweight, low rotor inertia and very high efficiencies.

Pikes Peak ID.R unit

The Pikes Peak ID.R EDU features an advanced Integral e-Drive SPM242 platform electric motor upgraded for the application. Each motor is directly mounted to a 1200V Integral e-Drive SiC MOSFET inverter, reducing the need for external cables. One unit is fitted to each axle, generating a system capacity of 500kW (680PS) and 650Nm of torque. Torque distribution is managed electronically.

High-performance Motorsport Unit

A fully optimised, lightweight, high-performance motorsport electric propulsion system developed for cars competing in the FIA World Rallycross Championship (RX2e) from 2021 onwards. It uses an Integral e-Drive CTSM242 platform electric motor plus a state-of-the-art transmission from Xtrac. The configuration is suitable for motorsport applications with a power rating up to 350kW and an input speed up to 15,000rpm.

Scalable Integrated Motor Inverter (X-Division)

Based on the SPX177 platform, the highly compact and efficient scalable integrated motor inverter arose from work with Triumph Motorcycles to achieve the best possible power density within an extremely challenging package. The solution was a fully integrated inverter/motor delivering 130kW in as in an overall package mass of just 15kg.

High-performance Integrated Motorsport Unit

Delivering up to 4,500Nm at the wheels, the High-Performance Integrated Motorsport Unit sees Helix’s high-performance CTSM242 electric motor seamlessly integrated with a Hewland Engineering two stage epicyclic reduction ratio gearbox and differential, inside an aluminium or magnesium casing.
Perfectly suited to motorsport, this flexible unit is ideal in a wide range of applications and boasts unrivalled power to weight ratio, while maintaining optimal NVH.

All-Electric Hypercar Unit

Incorporating two high-performance SPM242 platform electric motors, this pure electric hypercar propulsion system is integrated with a third-party
transmission and inverter to provide a compact, lightweight, highly efficient system that can be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle powertrain with common cooling across the unit. Two versions have been manufactured to suit the independent power and envelope requirements of each axle.

Dual-Motor, Torque- Vectoring Motorsport Unit

A dual-motor, torque-vectoring transmission is the heart of this motorsport electric propulsion system, which is optimised for weight and performance. Two SPM242 platform motors are integrated with a Hewland Engineering PEVT-200 EV transmission offering customers an extremely lightweight, yet high-performance package. Full torque vectoring capability offers individual wheel speed controls, while the unit’s low weight and compact size suit applications with the smallest possible space envelope.

Fully Integrated Automotive Drive Unit

This 400kW system sits on a vehicle axle, providing all its propulsive power and taking energy from a hybrid or EV battery pack. It features integrated inverter technology from McLaren Applied Technologies, two 200kW SPM242 platform permanent magnet motors from Helix and two Hewland Engineering reduction gear sets for torque vectoring.

Electric Hypercar Fully Integrated Drive Unit

Delivering world-leading power density and efficiency, this high-performance hypercar drive unit is the lightest, most energy dense electric power package ever fitted to a road car. One of these units is fitted to each axle of the Lotus Evija; the world’s most powerful production road car, with target figures of 2,000PS and 1,700Nm.

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